Before You Go On

A bit of explanation

This is not a commercial hosting company. I do not offer hosting to the general public. You see, I really don't want to offer hosting. At all.

Hosting is hard

Running a web host is fraught with constant concerns. From the nefarious denizens of the Interwebs looking to gain control of a system to launch all manner of mayhem (think Lemony Snicket and look away...) to poorly written scripts and applications installed by clients that hog resources and set off server alarms at 3 A.M. There is always something that demands attention. Always.

So, you're probably wondering why this is here.

Because most shared hosting sucks

Shared hosting is the bread and butter of most hosting companies. Old hardware hosting hundreds (if not thousands) of websites, each vying for limited resources and jockeying for access to a very narrow intenet connection. Which makes most shared hosting slow. Beyond that, the tools you could use to speed your site (caching, etc.) are disabled on most shared hosting accounts because the servers don't have enough processing power to support them. A double whammy.

Most shared hosting accounts are the digital equivalent of the Corvair—unsafe at any speed.

Which is why this is here.

I do web development and needed processing power to develop websites and deliver them quickly. And a shared hosting account just couldn't cut the mustard.

I also do Search Engine Optimization. And when I was trying to optimize a client's site for SEO we ran up against constraints with his (very expensive) shared hosting account at a very popular webhost who will go unnamed. Mostly because they would send me nasty letters for calling them out.

So I offered to move his website to my virtually unused server.

And, like magic, page load times dropped by almost 50%—twice as fast! And, since Google loves speed, this both helped his website rank faster and made my job much easier.

Here we are

You are most likely here because you are a client of mine and I sent you a link to a specific hosting plan. Being curious, (all of my clients are curious and intelligent) you decided to take a look at the rest of the site. And, I'm guessing, following my diatribe about now wanting to offer commercial hosting, you wonder why I built a whole website and made it all 'purdy'.

Mostly for the exercise. But, also because I could hear my mother in my head saying "Any job worth doing is a job worth doing right".

If you've read this far you should probably remember that you're busy and don't have time to waste on the navel-gazing of a self-proclaimed data nerd. So, get back to work. Or watching Netflix. Or something—anything—other than this.

You're free to move on

By clicking the button below you agree that you were referred here by me. If you wandered in here by mistake, and read all this crap, get a hobby!

Fine, I agree